Fred Haefele – Author of Extremophilia

Gary Reilly?s Asphalt Warrior is the tale of Brendan ?Murph? Murphy, a Denver Cabdriver of dead-pan hilarity and near heroic stoicism. In service to his dream of finally publishing one of his novels, he has adapted a life of simplicity that is Zen-like in its rigor: daily meditations on Gilligan?s Island, strict regime of frozen burgers, and most important, keeping the outside world?s influence (ie, the affairs of his customers) to a minimum. Of course, the latter proves easier said than done, and his inevitable involvement with a fare?s problems provides us with a highly entertaining read, throughout which Gary Reilly proves himself to be not just a gifted stylist, but a kind of Jedi Master of the understated.

Fred Haefle, Montana Freelance Writer & Author. ?Visit Fred’s Website