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Interview with Running Meter Press

Interview with Running Meter Press about Gary Reilly and The Asphalt Warrior series. On the Pen & Muse book review page. Full interview.

The Power of Relationships

A Blogtalk radio interview / chat between Johnny Tan, the host of From My Mama’s Kitchen, and Mark Stevens of Running Meter Press. Full interview here.

Riding Shotgun with The Asphalt Warrior

A column by Mark Stevens on the blog page ‘Think Banned Thoughts’ – “I can imagine college term papers analyzing Murph as compared and contrasted to Ignatius Jacque Reilly (‘A Confederacy of Dunces’) but again I’d assert that Murph is more action-oriented when the time comes; he’s also not as much of slob as either […]

Murph on Writing

A blog post on the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers blog featuring (some of) the collected thoughts about Brendan Murphy, a.k.a. Murph the Asphalt Warrior, on the struggle to become a published author. Read it here.

“The Funky Writer” Radio Show

On Saturday, August 16 The Funky Writer radio show interviewed Mark Stevens and Mike Keefe about the life and legacy of the late Gary Reilly. Listen here

“A Writer, Not A Promoter”

Interview on “Infinite House of Books” with Mike Keefe of Running Meter Press. “Gary was a writer, not a promoter. He was devoted to the craft and rarely looked into the possibility of publishing. He kept saying he would get around to it eventually, but first he wanted to polish his prose.”??Full interview.?

Colorado Book Awards: Late Denver cab driver among nominees

Denver Post Arts & Entertainment Editor Tucker Shaw wrote about Gary Reilly’s nomination for the 2013 Colorado Book Awards. “The novels ? comic, noir-ish, first-person mini-adventures ? star Brendan Murphy, a.k.a. “Murph,” a Denver cabbie who, despite his best intentions to live a solitary life, keeps finding himself entwined with his fares. A sardonic, well-read, […]

“The Story of Friendship” – Interview on From My Mama’s Kitchen

The one and only Johnny Tan interviews Mark Stevens and Mike Keefe about their friendship with Gary Reilly. ?Listen here.

“Away With Words” Interview

Mark Stevens interviewed on Blog Talk Radio’s “Away With Words” – 07/23/13

No. 2 on Denver Post Best-Seller List

“Ticket to Hollywood” No. 2 on Denver Post best-seller list! Dec. 16, 2012.