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No book I’ve read better captures the anomie that poor, befuddled Palmer struggles with. Behind the wheel of a taxi, Palmer finds his place in America?permanently on the move, always changing his destination?a destination chosen by others. ~ David Wilson, Vietnam Veterans of America Books in Review II, June 23, 2017 Read David Wilson’s full […]

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The long, second novel of Reilly’s Vietnam trilogy takes a dark turn, though the innocence of Private Palmer from The Enlisted Men’s Club sometimes feebly glows. After he is assigned to an MP detachment in Vietnam, Palmer’s fledgling talents as a goldbrick come to fruition. Read the John Mort’s full review of The Detachment on […]

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With The Enlisted Men’s Club, published in 2014, Running Meter launched Reilly?s Vietnam trilogy, which introduces the self-absorbed Private Palmer, formerly a slacker civilian who works hard to become a slacker MP at the Presidio as he awaits his orders for Vietnam. Palmer is a practiced, lonely drinker clearly on his way to alcoholism, and […]

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Unlike Reilly, whose pomp and bluster create chaos, Murph is a go-with-the-flow philosopher (comparisons to The Dude in The Big Lebowski seem somewhat inevitable), a man who wants to avoid people and will do almost anything to avoid confrontation, but whose internal monologue makes him a fascinating companion. Every few pages readers will find an […]

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Interview with Running Meter Press about Gary Reilly and The Asphalt Warrior series. On the Pen & Muse book review page. Full interview.

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A Blogtalk radio interview / chat between Johnny Tan, the host of From My Mama’s Kitchen, and Mark Stevens of Running Meter Press. Full interview here.

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A column by Mark Stevens on the blog page ‘Think Banned Thoughts’ – “I can imagine college term papers analyzing Murph as compared and contrasted to Ignatius Jacque Reilly (‘A Confederacy of Dunces’) but again I’d assert that Murph is more action-oriented when the time comes; he’s also not as much of slob as either […]

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June 2, 2015

Murph on Writing

A blog post on the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers blog featuring (some of) the collected thoughts about Brendan Murphy, a.k.a. Murph the Asphalt Warrior, on the struggle to become a published author. Read it here.

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December 23, 2014

“Laugh Out Loud”

The ones I have read, all of the Asphalt Warrior series published so far?along with the first novel in his Vietnam War-related series?support the contention of the Denver Post that Reilly is a master wordsmith. All of Reilly?s books provoke me to laugh out loud?and I am not easily provoked. –David Willson on Vietnam Veterans […]

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A fabulous review (and thorough) of “Dark Night of the Soul.”

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