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Kathy Lynn Harris – Author of Blue Straggler

“The Asphalt Warrior is one of those rare books that a reader really should savor, line by line, taking time to enjoy the intelligence, sarcasm and dry wit of the main character, Murph. I found Murph to be laugh-out-loud and consistently funny, yet life-smart and grudgingly loveable. The book left me anxious to get my […]

Fred Haefele – Author of Extremophilia

Gary Reilly?s Asphalt Warrior is the tale of Brendan ?Murph? Murphy, a Denver Cabdriver of dead-pan hilarity and near heroic stoicism. In service to his dream of finally publishing one of his novels, he has adapted a life of simplicity that is Zen-like in its rigor: daily meditations on Gilligan?s Island, strict regime of frozen […]