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“Laugh Out Loud”

The ones I have read, all of the Asphalt Warrior series published so far?along with the first novel in his Vietnam War-related series?support the contention of the Denver Post that Reilly is a master wordsmith. All of Reilly?s books provoke me to laugh out loud?and I am not easily provoked. –David Willson on Vietnam Veterans […]

“Quintessential American struggle…”

A fabulous review (and thorough) of “Dark Night of the Soul.”

How long did Gary keep his genius hidden?

Question and Answer session with the folks behind Running Meter Press on Think Banned Thoughts.

“Huge Fun” – National Public Radio

National Public Radio’s Scott Simon occasionally interviews London cab driver Will Grozier, who Simon says is one of the best-read people he knows. This year, on Dec. 20 (2014), Grozier picked the works of the late Gary Reilly as his favorite fiction for the year and called the series “huge fun.” Full exchange is here.