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“Still Life as a Denver Cabbie”

One of the most thoughtful and detailed reviews ever of “The Asphalt Warrior,” published on the Think Banned Thoughts web site. “Gary Reilly is an astute observer of the human condition and he lays it all bare in this book. It?s raw, and real, and gets to you in places generally reserved for close friends.” […]

“An Empathetic Protagonist”

Cover of Doctor Lovebeads, a comic novel by Gary Reilly

“Reilly?s genius lies in his ability to create a real, three-dimensional person out of disparate descriptions and monologues strewn throughout the story. In a way, though, it is not these ?facts? that fully describe Murph. Rather, it is the breezy, almost constant running commentary on all that happens or has happened in his life that […]